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Tainted Love

Tainted Love

"I like your smooth skin, I love to see the purple and red blemishes in your milky white skin, these marks make you more beautiful and more mine." He said licking her skin. "Your tears and screams turn me on. I like to see your body shaking beneath me in pleasure and pain, my hot cum dripping from your core. Now, strip or get ready for your punishment." He whispered in her ear. Tears were her only companion while destiny was intertwined with a evil, monster. Without being able to contemplating anything she complied and asked, "Why are you doing these to me? What have I done to deserve these?" Meet Fiona Andrew and Adam Knight and be a part of their journey. Warning: This contains mature, extremely harsh and disturbing contents... you have been warned.

LostpuppyJS · Contemporary Romance
Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave

Darya King has had nothing but a good life, but as she's gotten older she couldn't ignore a big piece of her life that's been missing. Even with Marty and their top ranks on the swim team to their own exploration of the sea around their small town, there was still something she needed in her life. With her fifteenth birthday on her mind, she makes the same wish she's made every year since she could remember; a wish to meet her father. But when a summer storm brings her a world more than she could ever wish for, will she be ready? From asthma attacks to free diving this tail will leave you wanting to dive into the ocean alongside Darya and Marty.

AnneMarshall · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings