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Yes you, my silly

Sanvi, a girl from Delhi, moves to Mumbai for college with her bestie aarushi. There she makes new friends in St. Xavier's and has good time until then her past life hits her with a sudden change. You are probably going to regret your decision! You will pay for it!" "You know what? I dont care. You cant even touch a single strand of my hair and here you are, telling me to pay for leaving you. Lol. You make nice jokes Amy." "Its aman, you silly!" Aman said frustratingly. "Its sanvi, you idiot!" I said in a mocking manner. At that time, the only thought running on my mind was that I had won the battle and as obvious he had to lose. What else could he even do? My bad! He did the worst! ___________________ Sanvi - Free, independent, jolly by nature, and a huge risk taker. She did a huge mistake by trusting aman; the biggest mistake of her life. Aman - huge pain in the ass and a play boy. Sameer - *read the book* ........... Yoo guysssss! Will you just read the description? Nahhhh! Go read the story what are you all waiting for?

Mili_Lakhani ยท Teen
Not enough ratings