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To anyone in this world reading this , thanks a looottttt for giving my book a try !! I will totally understand if you don't like it. ok. So this book is called shredded apart. I have written about this in the first volume too. plz check it out . Now on with the story :~ Every human goes through a period of time when they are hella confused , scared, crazy, and ...... basically evey emotion in the world . This book discovers about these emotions through a group of teenagers living a miserable life. :( But not you worry people !! because this book has a happy ending !! yayy !! ^~^ Broken dreams and broken hearts , screaming and thrashing !! cute and romantic moments this book has it all . —— I would love to listen to some advice or ideas about this book from my viewers –– *VERY IMPORTANT !!!! * this is not a fully realistic book !! It contains some out of ordinary things . I know it says in the description , but I accidentally clicked on it, and now I don't know how to change it I'm realllllly sorry guys .I know it's a huge mistake . But it won't happen next time . promise ☺️. Thanks for reading !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

booklover_forlife · Realistic Fiction
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