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Five Ivory Hearts

Five Ivory Hearts is set in the 1950s and tells the love story of three people. Steve, who has lost his father and his way. Julianne, a wannabe actress, just searching for a place to belong. And Ginger, a nice, warm, kind-heart waitress who has dreams of living in Paris. Sometimes you survive love, but sometimes love doesn't survive lust.

Brandon_Padget · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Through Music

Inspiring guitarist Rasheed Henderson lives in Harlem in the 50's. He forms a band with his good friends and they get decent pay playing at an Italian restaurant. Rasheed quickly forms a crush on his bosses daughter who he eventually meets and they fall in love. Him and his band then get another job offer from a crazy club owner who's willing to pay them more. They obviously take the generous offer, only they don't know all of the trouble that will come along behind their decision.

WestonCollins · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings