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Ink Stained Fate

Closing his eyes, Li Jing waited until the image of the first time he had met her took hold of his mind, conjuring for a last time her bright, mischievous eyes indignantly gazing at his as they stumbled into the waters of the Purple Palace. 'A-Yin... My A-Yin' he prayed 'We were not fated in this life... May Destiny be good so I can meet you on my next life. I promise, i will never betray you again.' And with the memory of her smile warming his heart and the hopeful words of her forgotten letter tucked close to his heart, Li Jing flew up. Or: What if Li Jing had found Bai Qian's letter confessing her feelings? What if it changed his actions on the war? The world is karma, and maybe – just maybe – in another world, in another life, his actions might translate in a future he had never dared hope for.

FadingSlowly · Romance
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