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Damaged The VAC Chronicles: Jeneva Blake

Haven Ridge’s golden couple is not as perfect as they’ve led everyone to believe. And now with her sudden long vacations across the country, a fall from the tree she’s been climbing her entire life, and unexpectedly breaking up with her long-time boyfriend, small-town football star Brody Garrett, the gossip mills have begun to churn. To top it all off, she’s begging for mythical creatures to come and save her! Clearly, Jeneva Blake has lost her ever-lovin’ mind! Or has she? Eva hasn’t been happy at home for a while now, and she no longer cares who knows it. After silently suffering through years of abuse from the boy she once loved who has since turned into a controlling monster, she finally finds the courage to escape him, but her freedom comes at a hefty price. But no matter how far she runs, will Brody ever truly allow his girl to slip away? The friends she made while living with her dad, have given her a taste of how her life could be outside of Brody’s influence and control. A permanent cross-country move that seems insane and extreme to her hometown is exactly what she needs, but how can Jeneva ever truly be safe if she won’t open up to her new support system about everything she’s been through? Jeneva’s transformation from sweet, abused, and meek Jenny to a stronger, powerful, and more outspoken Eva is explored through her relationships with nine key characters (including herself) who do their best to either help or hinder her on her journey. Each chapter changes perspective, giving you a deeper insight into the story as each character shares their experience and the insight they had to offer as they played their pivotal roles in Jeneva’s journey. CONTENT WARNING:I do not want to discourage anyone from reading this story. Just please be advised this book contains abuse, trauma, attempted and past acknowledgment of rape, kidnapping, assault, stalking, and narcissism. There is also happiness, friendship, humor, and snarky sarcasm to be found within these pages as well.

Graceli_Kaye · Teen
Not enough ratings