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Divine Melody and Transformation Douluo

NOTICE!!!THIS IS A FAN FICTION NOT A NOVEL I WANT TO CHANGE BUT I CANT!!!!! Shu Qing is a young man that likes to sing the songs for animes and cartoons. He reincarnate in douluo dalu lets join him on story about stealing tang san from xiao wu and charming a mysterious and possessive man i will not make him super OP apart from his multiple form spirits/spirit bones,manual and space with spirit ascension platform that integrate and age spirit rings even though he looks already Super OP to me i made few modification and add some details to the story. I will let him bear the title of transformation god completely because of the external spirit bone that i add that is superOP I will basically use/copy soul land original story with the mix of my character story because i am too lazy to think any plots i dont own douluo dalu i am a amateur writer please bear with it. if there other parts i omitted please bear with it because its either i am lazy or i really don't know8

Ryu_tsuji ยท Fantasy