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Lanie of the Ridge: An Outlander Story

Lanie of the Ridge: An Outlander Story

What if Faith survived? What if the Jacobite Rising never happened because they were able to stop it and Claire didn't have to go back through the stones? What if Jamie and Claire moved their family to North Carolina after Brianna was born? What if Claire was William's mother instead of Geneva Dunsany? What if there was a third Fraser daughter? It's 1779 and the war is beginning to wind down. Even though the Frasers are self-declared Patriots, all they really want is to live in peace in their home in the backcountry of North Carolina. But when staunch Loyalist, heir to an English estate, young and handsome 25 year old Edward "Ned" Penwood arrives in the colonies and makes a fated trip to Fraser's Ridge in search of a wife, it's hate-at-first-sight for him and Lanie. But when crisis comes a-knocking, can Lanie and Ned put their differences aside and stop it? And will it eventually lead to love? Who knows? Follow 18 year old Lanie Fraser through her life as a young woman living during the Revolutionary War. All rights belong to Diana Gabaldon and STARZ. The only characters I own are Lanie, Ned, and other future OCs.

caityrayeraye · Historical Romance
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