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Book 1: Burnt Bliss

Journal Entry: 22 February 1666 "I adore spending time with Augustus. He's amazing! But once I realised how I felt about him, my happiness was ruined by guilt.  I know I should not be feeling like this. And to think I was looking forward to meeting that girl my parents made arrangements with! This is wrong, but I don't understand: how can it be that someone making me this happy is wrong? What makes it wrong, anyway?" Will feels trapped. Life in Restoration England isn't easy, especially when he realizes he's falling in love with a boy--his best friend, Augustus. After London's Great Plague claims Augustus's youngest sister, their parents turn to trusted friends. Augustus and his other sister are sent to safely live with Will's rich family in the countryside.  Will hides his attraction to Augustus, but lets go when their feelings become mutual. They defy society and Will's controlling parents by secretly pursuing their romance.  Will's parents have already planned his future: an arranged courtship and marriage to Sarah, the daughter of another wealthy family.  They're also pushing him into an accounting position in the family business. His gifted sister Lily would be perfect for the job, but her priority is to start looking for a husband--even at age thirteen.  Yet there might be hope for Will and his sister! Their free-spirited Uncle believes they should follow their own path. But Will's parents grow to resent their Uncle. His encouragement is a threat to their children's futures and all the money that comes with it. Then through a cruel twist of Fate, Will and Augustus's relationship is suddenly exposed to everyone. Things quickly go from bad to worse. Soon, they're in grave danger and left to fend for themselves. As the repercussions of deviating from their rigid society are staring them down, they are faced with a daunting choice that could destroy their lives: Will they follow the rules, or follow their hearts?

Stephie_Harageones · History
Not enough ratings