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The Glass Coffin

In the year 2111, a deadly disease wipes out half the global population, and has sent the other half on a quick path to extinction. A look into the genetic make up of the virus leaves scientists with a hint: it mimics several diseases that are now eradicated completely. Groups of 2 were sent to different time periods to retrieve samples from people exhibiting the correct symptoms. Once these samples are taken, the team may return home. Ready to return to her family, Anne knows from experience that patients come in many forms, including that of the Duke. This backfires on her, however, when he turns on her, and uses her in his plot to save his sister from what he believes to be a sure demise at the hands of the tyrant king, Henry VIII. Now she finds herself at the alter offered up as a bride to the vile, and aging man; asking herself if she will ever make it home, or will she meet her fate at the hands of the king before she can do so?

Alexis_Aske ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings