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What a NEET Does When The Apocalypse arrives

What a NEET Does When The Apocalypse arrives

Mikhail is breaking up with his girlfriend. Out of heartbreak, he brought all games and food in the store and swore to not coming out of his room until he finished all the games. After one year, he finished all the games but after he coming out what he found the world is already on its end. "Ahahaha, you must be kidding with me right? This must be a dream!" Unfortunately no Mikhail this is not. Follow Mikhail on his journey with his grimoire! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: (NEET- Not in Education, Employment or Training aka Unemployed) The cover picture is only temporary and it is not mine. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daily updates 1 chapter/day for sure! if I am busy and don't have a time to update today then tomorrow I will updates 2 chapters! If you'd like to support this story, considering buying the author a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/godadi Or support me at : https://www.patreon.com/godadi 500 Power Stones = 1 Bonus Chapter on weekend 650 Power Stones = 2 Bonus Chapters on weekend 800 Power Stones = 3 Bonus Chapters on weekend 1000 Power Stones = 5 Bonus Chapters on weekend Join my discord : https://discord.gg/xTmjGyF ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

godadi · Fantasy