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Happily ever... Phantom?

Inspired from the story Phantom by Susan Kay. ***************************** After taking over from senior architect Giuseppe, Quade and his apprentices traveled to France to complete a contract which was to build a Opera for the entire country and beyond to indulge in. Becoming the owner of the Opera he was known as the best Musical Genius of all time. The world praised his unique operas and astounding music. But even though he was admired by all, he rarely appeared in public. People became curious and debated about his choice of living in solitude. Though Quade found a new life he still chose to conceal his deformity, not yet trusting mankind. He only had one desire: to find his Angel of music, whom he can share his passion with and finally show his real self. Will Quade be capable to convince Annabel, the beautiful soprano, that she is destined to be his or will the dashing Patron de Changy have triumph once more? *************************************

LoveQueenElsa ยท Martial Arts
Not enough ratings