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SENA — Man who will rule the world

SENA — Man who will rule the world

Do you ever imagine living 10000 years from now? Thought it would be fun? Or thought it would look like a nightmare? Let me tell you, you are all wrong. This is earth, year ?2020. Everything Is different now. We realize how we need to make peace with nature, and do you know what is more interesting? All the world is using one language, we call it Ekeya. ? — 10,000 The only thing which never changes  until today is a natural law. The system where the weak role as meat and the strong do eat. I almost forgot to tell you something, after 10,000 years of survival and being helped by a scientist too, humans are evolute to their perfect form. Nowadays all your fantasies about superheroes/superpowers things are real. You can meet it everywhere, evenmore maybe you're one of them. Nope, Sorry I was wrong, I mean should be one of them. You ask me if not? You will be one of the 'karbij'. Are you a 'karbij'?

callme_K_ · Fantasy