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Rye_Ochanter_123 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

(This was deleted i)

She opened her green emerald eyes just to meet a few hungry wild dragon waiting to shred her body to pieces. It was already late in the middle of the night the moment she choose to find him in person,but end up here. She could feel the bond between them,the bond that was supposed to be treasured between two lovers but his indifferent confused her. She tried to stand but end up fall again,her back left leg seems to be broken. One of the grey dragon charged towards her but using her long and strong tail. She smashed him hard towards the tree branched. The other 3 dragons then attacked her at the same time but they were distracted by a loud thunderous roar behind them and in just a slit second,the other 3 dragons were smashed and shredded to pieces by a big male dragon. He was stand in front of her, looking so massive and majestic with his growl. He was currently growling and looking fiercely with his sharp brown eyes at her,and only then she knew that she had stepped in his ground.

Rosalinda_ · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings