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The Ärm Master (Dropped)

The Ärm Master (Dropped)

One Shot Shiki Nanaya, a reincarnated individual without power dropped in an alternative world where people of the Moonlit World use magecraft and magical item, saw a mysterious Japanese style house which seemed to exist only in his eye, intrigued by it he choose to enter it. After entering it he was guided by two girl introducing themselves as Maru and Moro who guided him to a woman who introduced herself as the 'Dimensional Witch' who explained she was waiting for him as a favor for someone, giving the knowledge of Ärm creation as well has the power of Dimensional Travel saying the price was half paid for these but he needed to go search for some special materials and object in other dimensions for her in order to pay the rest of it. Now armed with knowledge of a power with infinite possibilities and a special power he will live is life however he want while collecting what the witch tasked him to.

MacouilleETmoncul · Fantasy
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