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Cricket; More than a Sport

Jalal -ud-din Akabr. Akash Raj. Harry Smith. Jalal: A boy born in the streets of Karachi (Pakistan) born poor. Has a mother, a brother and best friend named Ali. Akash: A boy born in Mumbai (India) , born into a middle class family. A genius whose bored of life. Has a mother, a sister and best friend called Ryan. Harry: A boy born in Central London. Born rich. Son of a company owner, he is now to inherit the company when he is capable. But first he must go to Oxford for his Training to inherit the company. All Age 13. ***Support me: Cashapp: £SamamaM10 **** What problems will they face? Will they do anything about it? They have one dream; To become the Best in Cricket.

Samama_Muhammad · Competitive Sports
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