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Name: Yuuri. Age: 14 Born to a South Korean mother and a Japanese father, is being forced to fight in a war for Japan against Korea. Yuuri is semi-handsome with Blazing red eyes, hair black as Satin's heart with a little bit of Gray, with black eye borrows. His body is slim but quite strong as his father tought him Karate when he was a kid. He is also an assassin thought by a mysterious man when he was in high school. No one else except himself and that mysterious man knows about his assassin abilities. Who is that man? Why did he do this? (Set in 2019) These are the Abilities people can have: Air users (common) Water users (Uncommon) Earth users (uncommon) Fire users (Rare) ???????? (1 out of 10 million) ???????? (1 out of 100 Million) Yuuri is ?????? ***Support me: Cashapp: £SamamaM10*** There's no such things as people not being born with these Abilities. (ahem like in My Hero Academy) everyone has atleast one of the abilities. Now some people are lucky to learn these Skills. They can either get tought these Skills by a master of these Skills or either by having vast knowledge about it: Samurai (Rare) Assassins (Very Rare) Ninjas (Very rare)

Samama_Muhammad · Martial Arts
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