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Generation Darwin

Generation Darwin

He lay on the torrid sandy floor, too weak to protest his imprisonment. The first few days, maybe weeks, of confinement, he fought, banging on the hard metal wall, clamouring at whoever would listen. Eventually, he gave up, quickly losing hope of freedom. The pinnacle of his protest, was the barely noticeable dents left on the blistering alloy walls. Now, he merely lay on the floor, engulfed under the cloak of darkness. --------------- Generation Darwin are, supposedly, the next evolution of man. They are faster, stronger, and smarter, the better version of humans. Instead of just allowing nature take its course, the government as usual, intervene. They capture innocent children, teenagers, and young adults, any Darwin they can find, and perform inhumane experiments on them. Donovan is one of these prisoners. He's been in there for just over a year, and has lost all hope of freedom. That is, until he meets another prisoner, who feeds him hope of escape, hope of a better future. A future where Generation Darwins can live in peace and harmony, not in fear and confinement.

caspianaslan123 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings