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Why Have You Done This?

Why Have You Done This?

When young Valerie Reyer gets kidnapped and sold as either a slave or a pleasure toy she is unexpectedly “saved” by Malakai Torah. But is she really saved? Kai Torah is the second in command of a large gang called Ellos Matan. Kai is the lethal weapon for the entire gang, killing hundreds of people in seconds. When he finds one of his gang members at the black market to buy a girl, Kai knows that his gang member will do terrible things to whomever he buys. Originally, Kai’s comrade’s intentions wouldn’t bother him, but then he saw her. What Valerie doesn’t know is that her father, whom she thinks has passed away, was the former leader of the Ellos Matan gang. Will Kai kill Valerie? Will the gang kill Valerie? What will happen to this poor girl? Will she figure out her family heritage or will the gang members find out first?

LocalClownFrancois · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings