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    my alfa

    vampires and werewolves has been sworn enemies for the past centuries... Vampires has been taking control over the city and werewolfs are vulnerable against them so then it comes when the beatiful daughter of the bloodthirsty monster's leader, Aurora, decide to wonder in the woods to get some fresh air and flee all her fathers bodyguards but she did not know that the crescent wolf pack who has been thrown in the forest for over centuries has got plan for her most precisely their alfa. Aurora is a beatiful 100 years old vampire who was turned at the age of 18. Not only her pretty face gets a lot of peoples attention but also the facts that she is the daughter of the ruthless and merciless leading of the vamps: Tristan Acheron. He was feared by everybody that's the reason no one dares to ask Aurora out or touch her. These r some reasons why she hated her father's ego. Jacob Black. The alfa of the crescent wolf pack. As much as the vampire have control over them he doesn't want to give up on having the city again because, as it said, this city was once inhabited by thef werewolf before the vampires came along in town. He is determined to find a way back to his city and so one day when he sees the astonishing girl out there all alone, it's like his dream just came true. But little did3 he know that his little hostage and him will soon turn to be closer then they thought. A little too close... THIS IS AN ENEMY TO LOVER KIND OF THING!! SOME IDEAS R NOT MINE I TOOK THEM FROM TVDU THERE WILL BE ROMANCE BUT NOT TOO DETAILED UK WHAT I MEAN CUZ I'M A YOUNG WRITER SO I DON'T LIKE WRITING THESE SORT OF THINGS( JUST READ THEM;)) enjoy the storie;)

    Jane_Abou_haidar · Fantasy Romance
    Not enough ratings
  • altalt

    The throne of vampire And werewolves.

    Two werewolves were banished from the kingdom, Blang and Cyrus. They were sent into the forest because Cyrus try to change the rules between vampires and werewolves clan due to evil things he saw some little vampires doing. Blang advises Cyrus to finish the throne that her father was building before he dies under a full moon, maybe the throne will bring good luck to them by making the blood moon appear in the sky. Cyrus accept the challenge and he build the throne with a crown for ten years, while Blang used her tears to paint the throne. Blang and Cyrus long lost friend visit them in the forest and he tells them about the revelation he saw inside the revelation cave that Blang is the moonlight and the strongest among all the werewolves, he also said Blang offspring will become the king of vampires and werewolves but the fate between Blang and Cyrus is that both of them will die under the full blood moon. Alarick was sent away for betraying the trust Blang and Cyrus gave him but he came back to rescue their child on the day of their death. After twenty years that Alarick raise the child of Cyrus and Blang, he discovered that it was two children that were born the day Cyrus and Blang gave birth. One is the strongest and the other is the weakest, the weakest will be an obstacle for the strongest in sitting on the throne. Fights happened between the werewolves and the vampires after discovering the powerful throne and everyone of them wants to claim it because the throne will make whosoever sit on it most powerful creature between vampires and werewolves. This fight affect the all humans, many lives were lost, the child Alarick rise was able to sit on the throne. The day Luningning crown the king of Vampires and werewolves, Alarick discovered that Luningning was his child with Blang.

    ajiboye_loveth · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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