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    The Attorney and the LoveSuit

    The book revolves around the attorney, the main character, who is also the story teller of the book who narrates his one and true love, Jessica, and their love story to his daughter,  Amanda. A lawyer and a Doctor have chemistry, but what happens when Memory loss comes in the way of one of them? Does Jessica find her way back to his arms? Does love exist outside of memory? Feelings like romance, grief, love, happiness and other tearjerking moments await you in the pages of this book. Love always has haters and those who wrestle fiercely to quench its flames, but in the end, doesn’t true love always conquer all?

    Xemeritus_Posh1 · Magical Realism
    Not enough ratings
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    Lemme Tell You A Story

    Just dive into it. I can't guarantee you'll like it. This is not for everyone. But I promise it won't be waste of time. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it though. I'm no expert on writing and how to share feelings, but this might be a tearjerker. Hope you enjoy.

    SuperMario3045 · Realistic Fiction
    Not enough ratings
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