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    Scoups is one of the best police detective in China.He finds missing persons and saves lives. Woozi is a high school student due to family and economic problems was sent to study in China.Although the idea at first was the best of several others,all that changed when he is kidnapped and sold to a 56-year-old man along with his friend Seungkwan. Hello. My name is Choi Seungcheol but everyone knows me as S.Coups. I am one of the best cops and detectives. I really like my job. I like being a police officer. When I was a kid I always wanted to be a policeman and now that I am I don't regret the times I said "I want to be a policeman". I'm proud of myself.I have a girlfriend her name is Yi Jie, she is very special in my life and as a police officer I protect her. I love her too much. Every day there are new cases and missions to which to give an answer,I never give up. There are times when I fail as a police officer but I learn from those failures. - Couple: Coupzi [S.coups/Seungcheol and Woozi/Jihoon] ▶ WARNING: HOMOSEXUAL CONTENT, VIOLENCE, SEXUALITY AND OFFENSIVE WORDS. [Sorry for the spelling mistakes]

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