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    The Agency

    When runaway Kip Faulkner was seventeen, he witnessed two men commit a murder. Fear kept him from telling Sheriff Long the truth about what he'd seen. Guilt made him turn his life around. Eleven years later, he's the owner of a reputable private investigation agency in Denver.<br><br>John Rigby looks like a typical biker, tattoos and all. But Kip discovers he’s the antithesis of that stereotype when he hires John to work for his agency.<br><br>When Kip learns about a recent killing exactly like the one he witnessed and recognizes one of the killers in a blurry photo on the news, he vows to find out how the two murders are connected ... and if there have been more.<br><br>With John's help, can he learn the truth behind the murders while the two men fight their mutual attraction? Or will Kip become the next victim?

    Edward Kendrick · LGBT+
    Not enough ratings
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    Regular Show: The Amazing Space Kidettes Crossover

    While doing a boring job of raking leaves, Mordecai and Rigby find for unconscious kids from outer space and their dog. After becoming friends with them, they, along with their friends, vowed to get the kids home (Regular Show created by J.G. Quintel, copyright Cartoon Network and Warner Bros.) (The Space Kidettes created by Bill Hanna and Joseph Barbera, copyright Warner Bros. and Hanna-Barbera)

    Cameron_Iacobucci · Martial Arts
    Not enough ratings
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