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    [IN THE LAND OF MAGIC AND SUPERNATURAL POWERS KNOWN AS HEAVEN AND EARTH; A LADY WAS CHOSEN AS THE GUARDIAN AND PROTECTOR OF AN EARTH TO A ROYAL PRINCE AND THE NAME OF THE LADY IS 'THANIYA'] Thaniya was born and bought up in a jungle by animals, she only knows and plays with animals. Thaniya was sent from Heaven and Earth that her mother came from, and given some powers. Thaniya was chosen as the guardian and protector to her elder brother who was the Royal Prince. ××××××× On a faithful day. Thaniya was accidentally shot by a group of armies doing hunting inside the jungle. The Prince who followed them that day took Thaniya to the palace. So, this gave Thaniya the opportunity to start carrying out the task given to her by HEAVEN AND EARTH. But when getting to the palace, Thaniya found herself in the circle of boys. Showing her love, care and affection. But how could Thaniya play this game, for it not to be that it's her elder brother, she would fall inlove with.

    Zeezeefortune · Fantasy Romance
    Not enough ratings
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    when lies are interwoven with truth and secrets are obscured in the cores of danger.. A girl named Amaili Inventor is searching for her father James Inventor. In this journey of hers she faces the truth of herself which was hidden from her.. story of a girl who is betrayed by her own loved ones.. A story of her friends who neglect to recognize her.A story of clashes of power when the evil rises and destiny of this girl is slowly and terribly takes a turn.

    shwetakhonde · Romance
    Not enough ratings
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