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    Pure Love of the Holy Priest

    “I’m sorry Claire, I can’t give you what you’re asking for. I chose this path many years ago and I have no plans of rescinding my decision. I took a vow to this end. My heart belongs to only God. There’s nothing I can do to ease your pain, and for that I am sorry. I’m really sorry Claire.” Tears welled up in Aiden’s eyes as he spoke to Claire. “Aiden, I’m not asking you to give up your love for God. I’m just asking that you love me too. Did you forget that you made a vow to me too when we were kids? You vowed to marry me, and guess what? It’s the reason why I haven’t been able to date or give my heart fully to another man. I’m your responsibility now Aiden.” Claire’s lips trembled as she spoke to Aiden. They both sat in silence with their heads bowed. Tears coursed down Claire’s cheeks unto the coffee table. Aiden didn’t know how to comfort Claire. But one thing was certain. His heart was beating for the woman who sat across him. He knew he had started to like her, or maybe even love her in ways he could not understand. The question he now asked himself, with his head bowed was “why her?”

    powercouple · Contemporary Romance
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    The Tale of Empress Hua Fan Ya (Hiatus)

    The world view her as a "Top Supermodel"... The people admire and adore her... She is the treasure of her family... But in his eyes, I am a shrew... a black - hearted bitch... All I want is his heart but I received was hate and loathing... All I need is him but she is his world... All I need is him but she is his light... All I need is him but she is his air... All I need is him but she is his everything... In the end all he gave to me was a knife... pierced my heart in the most painful way... The last thing I saw before darkness ate me was him... kissing another woman who eyed me in contempt and disdain... I got background, identity, power, talent and beauty...but was lost in the game of love. In the hands of a scheming woman...my twin sister... In my next life time. I, Hua Fan Ya will love and protect myself and my family more than anything and anyone else... _______________________________________ #FemaleProtagonist #HandsomeMalelLead #BeautifulProtagonist #FemaleLeadStrongfromtheStart #StrongMaleLead #PowerCouple #NobleandRoyalty #Transmigration #HistoricalFiction _______________________________________ Author's note: This is my original story and I am an amateur writer so expect grammatical and spelling errors. English is not my first language. If you are a perfectionist then don't read it. (okay?) The cover photo I used is NOT MINE. I found this in Google. Credits to the owner...

    Siraina · Romance
    Not enough ratings
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    In the world of magical beasts ,wars and slaughter there is a boy arthur and his beast who don't know anything about their past and where they came from growing up in a village outside the central district with little to no contact with outside world he just want to become a brother who can protect her sister and take care of his family which he thinks that are his real family but every thing changes while going on a hunt he meets new people and he discover a part of his identity and what his future holds which can be very dangerous will he become strong enough to protect his family or he have to left every thing behind and shoulder every thing alone or will there be any one who will be his friend and partner on this journey tags=action/adventure/romance/brotherhood/powercouple romance will be early and there will be no harem first time writing a novel just for fun

    preet_0 · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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