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    The hunter gets hunted

    Warning: The male lead stalks while watching her closely and the female lead is unaware and judiciously executes her plan for vengeance only to get trapped in his arms. When she thinks escaping is a good idea, she returns where she started. #Loversturnstolovers #vampire #powerfulmalelead #possessivemalelead The organization Lexi MacCann worked in to solve the mystery of her brother's death, gave her evidence that the great Mr. Carlos Casphel killed her brother and she wanted so badly to make him pay. The universe seemed to be aiding her as she woke one day with all the obstacles on her part to vengeance gone. She got a job as his assistant and just when she decides to revenge, he lets her know in every way possible that he had been waiting for her for so long. The male lead is a vampire who knows what he wants and will sit back to watch his prey (his soulmate) advance slowly before trapping her forever in his arms. The female lead is a social media influencer with a secret of once being a dangerous trained agent in one of the most powerful organizations in the world. Anger and desire for revenge clash with his longing and desire to possess her. The two set out on an unfair journey of repeated pushes and pulls but it was only unfair to her.

    OT_Josie · Contemporary Romance
    Not enough ratings
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