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    Hestanar: Rise of the Mightiest Empire

    Kent Alfhard of Port Hestanar has been indulged in riches and beauties from a young age. But when his father died of an unspecified illness, Kent has been handed the responsibility of taking care of both his family’s domain and the people that lived upon them. The catch? It was common knowledge that Hestanar was an infertile land devoid of any natural resources. More concerning was the fact that Kent, a self-indulged, foolish scoundrel, would be ruling the land. It was all but certain that Hestanar would fall… Kai Sen finds himself in a foreign world where the peasants are exploited and nobility struggled for power. Inheriting both Kent’s identity and responsibilities, what will our protagonist do? What will become of Hestanar? And what legacy would he leave behind? -------------------- Story Maps : https://ibb.co/JrN5KqH [ Top 200 Ranking = Bonus Chapter ] [ Unstable Upload Speed ] [ Port Hestanar ] #KingdomBuilding / #MedievalFantasy / #Politics / #Trade / # CityBuilding / #War / #IndustrialRevolution / #TechnologicalGap --------------------

    SaltyPineapple · Fantasy
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