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    Morax The contractor

    Find synopsis in the first chapter WARNING : There are Sexual Stuff, Killing violently, Dark Shit and so on Other tags: Monster, World changing, Modern World, Gods, Human evolution, Drama, High school, Gangfight, Contract, Human selling soul, Demon MC,

    JershonTheWriter · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Dealing with the BadBoys

    When your the student council president your in charge of administrating and also managing students. but the toughest one is the latter, if 5 guys were skipping classes, driving motorbikes loudly, smoking, participates in gang fights and doesn't listen to anyone will make the council and teachers go insane! but that is exactly what Gwenalyn Han is dealing with, times 5. after being the student council president she was asked to take all 5 troublesome students in a special tutoring class, the 5 individuals that doesn't care about anything and minds their own buisness not attending even a single class was her top priority as a newly appointed Student Council President, who knew that the task given to her will be the cause of her getting involved in gangfights and much more heart stopping activities outside school! "Ugh! those jerks! Who knew how many bad lucks they bring to me." sighing she glanced back at the 5 un-used classrooms that each of the 5 jerks she was responsible for each occupied "Just you wait, I will straighten all of you to become straight A students!"

    Yun_luoyfeng · Romance
    Not enough ratings
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