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    Synopsis: Allan Walker, one of the greatest scientists of his time and a man of many talents and shortcomings. What would happen if such a person ends up in a world of swords and magic as a hero? „Have fun on the frontlines! I will stay in the back where my Laboratory and the plumbing are!“ And if still something happens to him? „Well then, let’s make myself a new body! What? Necromancy is bad you say? But i’m playing with my soul and not yours!“ Also a synopsis: This is a story about two lost souls who met by chance. Two souls that would have been better off without each other, as they have to run, hide and fight with fate. Just so, that they can stay together another day until they lose either their lives or sense of self. ——————————— Author rambling: I'm not all that good at writing a synopsis, so i hope you can still give it a try. If i had to say what type of story this is, i would say the japanese "Isekai with gamesystem" type, just that i am trying to make it as logical as possible especially in terms of physics and the intelligence of my characters. (You can't imagine how many stories i dropped because of these reasons...) Well, this is just me trying to do a better job. (In this regard i'm always open to criticism.) (I will change the Cover when i find something more fitting, this is NOT a skyrim Fan-fic!!!)

    Jeanean_Lain · Fantasy
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