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    Productive DailyLife

    THIS STORY IS DROPPED FOR THE TIME BEING. The story of a former King, now living as a citizen of his once own empire. Things were going smoothly for him untill past comes knocking and he once again have to save his empire from an enemy of the past. The Great Fros Islands is a place full of magic and science, so expect anything to pop up. [Subplots include multiversal travel, interstellar travel, magic and things of that nature] . . . The Updates are going to be random so a chapter might pop in the book in a week or it can even take months. Disclaimer: this story is a work of fiction, any similarities to a real person, place or event is entirely coincidental. Contains a few strong words.

    Arianuri · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    City: My Disciples Have Shocked The World

    # teachers # dailylife Ten years ago, Kong Xiuyao became the director of an orphanage deep in the mountain forest. On his first day on the job, he had received the [Disciple Growth System]. However, he had to agree to a request from the system to use its ability, which was to stay in the mountain until he had helped 100 of the orphans to grow into geniuses who would help the rest of the world. With that, Kong Xiuyao started to teach the orphans. There was one who had mastered the talent of the God of Investment. Another one had learned the way of the Master of Martial Arts. Then, one had memorized the knowledge of the Medical Saint. One perfected the technique of the Fengshui Master while the other gained the ability of the Legendary Appraisal. The disciples slowly left the orphanage began to shine brightly in every corner of the world. Ten years later, when the last orphan had graduated, it was time for Kong Xiuyao to leave the mountain as well. Just as he was about to start his own business, he came to realize that his students had all become existents that had changed the world.

    Lun Yu · Magical Realism
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    A Daily Life of a Simple Otaku

    A story with spoiler on other webnovel

    Simple_Otaku · Realistic Fiction
    Not enough ratings
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    Kisah ini dilatarbelakangi oleh sebuah keluarga yang kurang mampu. Pemuda berdarah Minang, dan berasal dari Sumatera Barat, yang meninggal kan keluarga dan orang yang dia cinta demi harapannya mencari kerja ke kota orang. Namun, suatu hari terjadi sebuah peristiwa yang menimpanya di rantau tersebut. Apakah yang akan terjadi pada Gilang ? Apakah dia bisa kembali sesuai dengan yang ia harapkan? Atau malah menanggung beban yang bertambah besar? Kisah ini hanya fiktif belaka, atau jika terjadi kesamaan itu atas unsur ketidaksengajaan. Di dalam cerita akan menggunakan bahasa asli daerah Sumatera Barat. Tapi yang gak paham, juga ada translate-nya. Kuys baca. Selamat menikmati.

    KANCER12 · Fiksi Realistik
    Not enough ratings
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