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    Spirit Squad

    In the year 2145, when Saigon fell due to an attack by the Anomalies, beings from another dimension, the little girl Mai Anh and the little boy Duc Huy met. Even in the hour of danger, the girl showed the boy that there is still hope as long as the sacred red flag with the yellow star of the Motherland is still there. Six years later, in 2151, the enemy has taken over many human territories. In Hoi An, the grown-up Huy met Mai Anh, again. The girl saves him again. The two then meet at Lac Viet Academy, which trains special forces soldiers to fight the alien invaders. Months later, the two joined a fierce battle in Ben Tre. Here, Huy received strength and became a Soul Warrior. Gradually, a story of twin love mixed with love for the country was written during a bloody war in the middle of the 22nd century.

    Viet2022 · War&Military
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