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  • Stealing The Protagonist’s Yandere Lovers

    The world of the novels is filled with countless fantasies, it’s a way for people to escape away from reality into their little world hidden deep inside from others. There are a lot of protagonists and antagonists, and also various supporting roles that spice up things here and there, but what if suddenly you are forced and dragged to one against your will. Elandor was one such successful person, but who kidnapped him? Will he be able to find the answers he seeks while he sets out on his journey filled with countless surprises. {Although the ending is rushed due to my poor health and various other reasons, all in all it’s a pretty decent read to pass time.} [No NTR,No paedophilia, No yuri but includes netori] Won Third prize in Yearly Harem genre contest. Additional tags- (No system) (twisted love) (yandere) (manipulative mc) (cunning mc) (loyal love interests) (obsessive love) (clingy lovers) (fast-paced) (strong to stronger) (early romance)(special abilities) (unique cultivation technique)(villian mc)(shameless mc) (Polygamy) (transmigration) (multiple worlds) (blackmail)(manipulation)(toxic love) (Previous life talents) (maids) (tsundere) (regret?) Season 1 is upto 82 chapters rest of the story is Season 2. ************ [Warning -R18 with No beta mc, plus if you are here to watch hundred of chapters just to see mc bootlicking FL or here for a spineless/dense mc getting better as the plot goes on, then you are at a wrong place dear!]. #####—-Very Important Author Note——#### I can’t edit initial few chs for small mistakes as it has hundreds of paragraphs and chapter comments, if I did that then those all will be automatically deleted by the Webnovel. Also, this book contains scenes of blackmail, low degree forced scenes and lots of manipulations with heroines which everyone may not like as this book is made for only a few like-minded limited audience. Hope you all are having a nice day! Discord- c2#8780 ………… {Cover is made and edited by me using a free-to-use online Fotor AI tool.} **English used is mostly Uk/British version.

    Sheizzcoldasice · Fantasy
  • The Blind Lover

    Qin Yu had lost both her parents when she was young and was all alone. Since then, she lived with her father’s comrade-in-arms. Due to the huge inheritance that her father had left behind, her foster mother had attempted to murder her repeatedly. In order to survive, she could only pretend to be a mentally disabled child. It wasn't easy for her to reach adulthood, yet her foster mom wanted to marry her off to a powerful and influential family. She heard that her fiancé was blind and had a violent personality. However, no matter how ruthless he was, was he as ruthless as her foster mom? In order to escape from this terrifying family, she decisively agreed to marry that person in her sister’s place. Soon, news of a fool marrying a blind man spread like wildfire. Their marriage had become the hottest laughing stock locally. However, after she married him, she realized that everything was not what the rumors said. Her husband was not blind at all, and he was not cruel. He was gentle and refined, and he treated her like a treasure. And she wasn't mentally deranged. She'd only pretended to be a fool to flee from her foster mom’s attempted murders. What surprised her, even more, was that she had known her husband for a long time. A long time ago, they had been best friends online. It was no wonder that her husband was as cold as ice to all women, lying that he was blind and unapproachable. But in front of her, he was as gentle as a lamb and did not hide anything.

    JQK · Urban
  • Moon Lovers: Bound by Blood and Revenge

    **[Warning: Mature Content R18+ (COMPLETED) ]** She is not a weak nor submissive type of woman. She is Dominant! A female alpha, the rarest of her kind, who could match up the strength of the most powerful creature, the Vampire King. As the war between the two races continues, the Alpha Princess falls for the Vampire King. Their fated bond will be tested by their past and origins. Will the two be able to break the loop of revenge and hatred between their clans? Bound by blood and revenge, can love set them free? ***** Excerpt: "You. Are. Not. Going. Anywhere!" His scarlet eyes settled on her face, blazing in a raging fury. "No way! You just want me for your revenge," she responded mockingly while meeting his intense gaze. "Just leave me alone!" In a flash, he closed their gaps, pushing her down on the bed while trapping her in his arms. "I can't... because my kind of revenge means... Trapping you here…" he brought her hand into his chest, pointing to his heart. "and by enslaving you here… in my bed," his mouth moved over hers in a sensuous exploration, traveling down her throat to her neck. His hand was already caressing her soft flesh. "I will get what I want by making you mine!" Before she could complain, a ripping sound was heard as he tore her clothes apart. ============ The artwork/illustration/photo on the cover is an AI generated by the Author

    ellezar_g · Fantasy
  • Bloody Lovers

    In a land of Magic, where Kingdoms are ruled by royals and their magicians, a feud exists between two rival Kingdoms. The Kingdom of Nyx and the Kingdom of Sol. Alice was born into Nyx, a lowlife, a girl that lived and worked in a famous brothel in the slums until her magical powers appeared. She was then brutally sold to a man with red fiery hair and crystal blue eyes. Handosme but scarred, smiling but his eyes hid many mysteries. That man took her to Sol, where she was trained and her whole life took a turn. Just before her eighteenth birthday she is ordered to visit Nyx, the royal palace and to kill the crown prince. An event though on her brithday stopped her. She met the man with the snow white hair during a cold night and images of him began haunting her mind. Different places, different eras, different worlds and a mission that has lasted for centuries. Always the same. To save him.

    Yaminoyosei · Fantasy
  • SPRING LOVERS: We who are inseperable

    Only one word: Heirloom Heirloom? Isn't that a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations? Something that is supposed to bring pride, but not always, at least not in this story. Everything started with the mysterious 'Heirloom' and everything will probably end with it. Li Wei is our ML and Wang Yu Yan is our FL. The empty blanks I will leave it to you all to fill as you read their story. Come, witness their journey full of love, dangers, and some life-threatening secrets. _____________________ Excerpt He kissed her softly at first and then with a swift gradation of intensity that made Wang Yu Yan cling to him as the only stable thing in the dizzy swaying world. And Wang Yu Yan did not realize when her hands clutched to Li Wei's shirt tightly. Her hands automatically circled Li Wei's neck. On realizing this, Li Wei slowly and slowly kept on deepening the kiss. It became more and more passionately by the second. As it did, Wang Yu Yan felt her heartbeat accelerating. Li Wei parted his lips from her shaking lips, sending wild tremors along her nerves, evoking her sensations she had never known she was capable of feeling. Li Wei looked into her deep eyes. Wang Yu Yan was doing the same. This feeling that she was felt was foreign yet a nice feeling. She wanted to feel more of this, more of this, and before a swimming giddiness spun her round and round, Wang Yu Yan knew that she was kissing him back. .............................. The cover is not mine it belongs to its rightful owner. This is an original story by me and my best friend. So pls give it a try Thank You Neonlover_1 and Rainbow_Writermark

    neonlover_1 · Urban
  • I Spy Two Haters/Lovers

    Journee, an NYPD officer and Archer, an FBI agent are after a common mafia boss, but they don’t know it. They cross each other’s path at every corner and involuntarily destroy each other chances to make a case against him. Each unknowingly keeps sabotaging the other. If they get a chance, they will kill each other. Finally, they decide to work together to put him behind bars and… fall in love.

    DaoistxYTRJ0 · Urban
  • Enemies to Lovers and Reverse

    Warning: Mature Content A match made in Hell: Mr. I'm-too-sexy-to-wear-shirts and Miss I-hate-all-men are living together!!! Did fate throw them together or was it just a meddling best friend? After being fired from her 20th part-time job just as the rent of her apartment skyrocketed, Emily had no choice but to find a roommate. The past she's forgotten and desperately been trying to run away from, caught up to her in the form of a sexy, shirtless sex addict called Blake Garcia...her roommate! Bound by each other's dark secrets, pasts, and a stupid roommate contract they're stuck together. Secrets don't make friends, but they might just turn enemies into lovers and reverse. Excerpt: Emily angrily folded her arms and impatiently tapped her foot on the tiled floor as she glared at the oblivious, shirtless man. She cleared her throat and he finally looked up from his phone, "Yes?" Emily narrowed her eyes accusingly, "Where is it?" Blake sat up from the couch and placed his phone on the center table, "Where is what?" "My pink lace underwear, you perv!" she accused through gritted teeth. Blake gasped, "You actually own sexy underwear?" Emily's arms fell to her side and she tightly clenched her fists, "Tell me where you hid my underwear and no one gets hurt." ------ DollyRoma: I was trying to try continue this, but I lost interest. Also, my writing style changed a lot so it'd be like two different stories. Thank you for reading my first novel and for all the support! Please check out my newest novel! If you wish to read any of my other work, check out 'Blood Bound to Elias', a thriller romance novel! Follow me on Instagram: dolly_.roma **Cover art is not owned by me, credits go to the original owner

    DollyRoma · Urban
  • Last For You

    Last For You Volume 1-Valery Katkins & Ken Wiliam Saat orang terdekat dan dunia seakan melupakan keberadaanya dan takdir seakan menggantikan perannya dengan orang lain dikehidupan nyata selama 15 tahun,membuat hati seorang Valery Katkins ditutupi oleh kebencian,tidak ada seorang pun di dunia ini yang bisa dipercaya,hingga pertemuannya dengan Ken William seseorang dari masa lalunya yang membuat Valery harus kehilangan keluarga dan masa depannya.Akankah Valery memainkan perannya demi membalas dendamnya atau justru merelakan dendamnya. Sinopsis Last For You Volume 2-Sean Wiiam Sean Wiliam saat berumur 7 tahun datang berkunjung kembali ke Los Angeles,dan memiliki rencana untuk bertemu sahabat kecilnya namun harapan Sean kembali pupus saat ia mendapati bahwa sahabatnya sudah tiada. Sean Kecil beranjak tumbuh dewasa dan memiliki kesuksesan ditangannya,namun saat Sean telah melabuhkan hatinya pada Kayla wanita yang dicintainya,Sean kembali bertemu dengan sahabat masa kecilnya Alexa yang menjadi kompetitornya dalam dunia bisnis,dan perlahan-lahan semua masa lalu Sean kembali terkuak tentang asal-usulnya. Valery dan Ken Wiliam ternyata bukan orang tua biologis Sean,dan hubungan Sean dengan masa lalu Valery dan Ken,membuat Sean akhirnya terpuruk dengan keadaan itu,rasa bersalah membuat ia memilih ingin pergi menjauh dari keluarga Wiliam. Tidak ada yang bisa menebak jalan hidup seseorang jika ia menjadi bagian dari sebuah kesalahan dimasa lalu. Hal yang sama dialami oleh Sean Wiliam..... Akankah Sean bahagia saat mengetahui rahasia besar dari masa lalu dan dengan kehadiran Alexa, diantara Sean dan Kayla??? Semua rahasia akan terungkap seputar kehidupan Sean Wiliam,Alexa dan Kayla....!!! #cinta#dendam#persahabatan#keluarga#

    Emy_Richard · Urban
  • Last Paladin

    Darkness rules the land since the sacred order of the Paladin vanished for to the point their tales are now but legends and none now live who’ve seen a Paladin let alone known someone who has. Maybe they never really existed but if they do the people of Arcadia Nine could really use their help. This is the tale of a young man who chooses that weather they are real or not he was done being pushed around and would from this point forward stand up against the darkness.

    ShadowFoxx89 · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings

    "Sex is a must, it is a necessity that we can't live without." "You won't know the real essence of sex if you will not go and explore how intense it could be. Sex is uncomfortable, painful, yet ecstatic. It is a bittersweet feeling." ººººº ººººº ººººº Arduous Winston's taste in women was something that not everyone could achieve. Sexy, beautiful, smart, educated, and most of all, someone who could keep up with how he is in bed— rough, hard, and sadistic. In his thirty years of living, countless women have experienced how monster he could be when it comes to sex and making his fantasies into reality.. Settling down was in the least of his plans as he was enjoying hooking up and tasting every woman who could be bold enough to make him wet in bed, not until he met Elizabeth. Sexy, beautiful, smart, educated; she was everything that a man could ever wish for. And as he spent more time with her, he could feel himself falling deeper and even thought of finally settling down, only that Elizabeth couldn't give one thing he really wanted. "I will never be the woman you wanted me to be. I can't take hard sex, I can't take your roughness, it hurts me and I don't see myself learning to accept and adjust how you like it when I am hurting." "I can't keep up with your sadism and dominance." "I'm sorry but I don't think this would work." With his growing feelings and thirst to make her bend with his fantasies, would Arduous adjust and learn to be soft for Elizabeth? Or would he just let her go just to find someone who could tame the fantasies of the monster within him?

    mics_artemia · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • The Accursed Lovers

    Synopsis. "HOW CAN YOU TURN INTO A CAT!?!?!??" He exclaimed and stared at the coral red furry little creature. The little cat stared back at him with its silvery purple eyes. ____________ Azaina Rosemortal meets Revnore Artifort. Two same personas clash to dominate yet during the process of this domination. They fell under the spell of love. Love, something so contradicting. Their love would start but would it end with them getting together? ___________________ She had been CURSED to turn into a cat after the clock struck 12 in midnight but no one knows about her shapeshifting. [ I can't be with him. ] ~~~~ With the half burnt red string, he was born. The only purpose of him to kill her ( his soulmate ) on the first full solar eclipse day when the sun would turn blood red before it becomes black and will cover the earth. [ I will never let go of her. ] ________ Excerpt She whispered, "How's it feel to be the one to get punished, hubby?" He gritted his teeth, "I would have loved it more if it's you, I was eating not these sour gummies." She put her hands on his thighs. She moved closer to him. Keeping a safe distance, "Patience, baby, We can't miss the fun." She responded as she kissed his neck. She licked and sucked on it. He had to control himself unwillingly before he pounced on her. It was crazy to control his hands which wanted to shamelessly roam all over her body and touch her inappropriately. Moving her hand upwards, she left his neck, "Isn't it painful for you, hubby?" "It is painful, help your hubby to cure this pain." His voice cracked. She leaned her face near to his, kissing at the corner of his lips, she uttered, "Then do you agree to my conditions now." He put his hands on her waist, "Wifey, that shouldn't be asked. You know I'll agree to everything you say." _________ Will he kill his destiny? Can she succeed in pushing him away from her? Will their story end like this? What about her curse? Why were they both cursed yet become lovers? ___________ Note: I'll suggest reading the author's note before you continue with chapters. [ The beginning of the book might be too confusing and hurried, I apologise for that. After I am done with more than 300 chaps, I will start to edit those initial chaps and polish them. I am sorry for the inconvenience. But I hope you do stick around until 20+ chaps. As the story picks up pace, it is smooth going. This is my not first book it surely is my first ever fantasy book. Plz, be patient with me. I won't disappoint.] __________ Disclaimer : The cover photo is taken from Pinterest and is edited by my friend only. The credit goes to the real artists.

    Shiny_Star5683 · Fantasy
  • Beauty's Theorem

    DaoisteljNv2 · Sci-fi
    Not enough ratings
  • Lovers Last Meal

    ITZ_CINDY · Horror
    Not enough ratings
  • Fox’s Lover

    After more than a century can the gentle fox Kitori find what he is looking for. Hoping to adjust to the new era he has awoken in. can Kitori finally feel comfortable going out into the world. Follow him on his journey into a new era and awakenings. Most importantly can he find the love that will allow him to be human. Raised in a family of diversity and magic Lilli falls in love with Kitori at an early age. Will her love be enough for him to become human.

    Katie_Torres_3147 · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Spellbound Lovers

    The highest-paid, most sought-after, and popular actress and singer Irene Wu encounters a perilous situation when she was abducted right after the press conference for her newly released album. Escaping with all her might from the hands of the perpetrators, she ends up finding refuge and entering an enchanted realm, an entirely different world that she never knew existed.

    Jehyeok_Kim · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • A Last Wish

    Raon someone with a great destiny yet also a tragic one. He has been alone since he was young boy and isolated from the outside world. His grandfather was the only thing he had. When his grandfathers dies and passes on his great wealth and also his expectations. Raon doesn’t know what to do. His destiny of bringing a great change all starts from this point. It all starts from a simple wish from grandfather to grandson. Read on to learn how he uncovers the past his grandfather wanted to keep hidden. Or the elaborate schemes and secrets inside the universe that may affect both the past and future. Read on to see if he ever fulfills his grandfathers wish or if he over did that wish. Read how his life becomes more dramatic and complicated than you he could have ever thought. * My new book for this WPC has just been launched! Check it out and see if you find it intriguing! The Owner of Dawn: The Store * * Beginning of the story might be rough, however it gets better in ever possible way later in the story. * * I am open to constructive criticism and also your involvement in the story. I want to hear your ideas and thoughts * * Levels of Advanced Chapters Sneak Preview: Able to unlock 2 chapters in advanced = 1 coin Human: Able to unlock 3 chapters in advanced = 5 coins Ancient Human: Able to unlock 8 chapters in advanced = 200 coins Elf: Able to unlock 14 chapters in advanced = 500 coins + 25% off * *Paused* * Copyright 2023 Oliie. All rights reserved. *

    Oliie · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Misty and Her Lovers

    Misty just wanted to get away from her humdrum office life to see the Northern Lights, but after falling off her ship, she finds herself transmigrated to the realm of Tumult where people can shift into beasts and marriage is a magical contact between compatible souls. Now she must find her five soulmates before the foundation of this new world falls apart! With overpowered magic and a pair of divine guides, she is stuck here learning the rules of magic and society. #beastworld #reverseharem #magic #isakai #overpowered **Chapters with (M) contain mature content. **Image generated using starryai

    ChaosArray · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings