Bringing the Nation's Husband Home

Author: Ye Fei Ye

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160 Karma Calls(6)

5yr Translator: Paperplane| Editor: DarkGem

Lin Shiyi looked over at Qiao Anhao and was instantly filled with hatred. It looked as though she was going to jump on her and tear her apart in a second.

Qiao Anhao was calm and composed, paying attention to her surroundings. "There are so many people around us, watching. You must hold it in. Don't let others see you as a joke."

Lin Shiyi gritted her teeth in anger, her face flashing white and blue. She forcibly balled up her fists, her chest heaving up and down.

Qiao Anhao pulled her hand from Lin Shiyi's shoulder before elegantly turning around and walking two steps away. Suddenly, as though she had realized something, she turned her head towards Lin Shiyi and said, "Oh, right. I forgot to tell you just now that I took the place to guest star on the variety show on purpose."

Lin Shiyi really wanted to grab Qiao Anhao and ruthlessly slap her twice, but there were so many people watching around them. She could only painfully hold her anger inside, because of which her entire body

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