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I came for the Martial Arts. I stayed for the Romance... This isn't like any other Wuxia (or Xianxia... I dunno the dif. sorry😞) where the main focus is on MC's weak to strong story. It mainly focuses on MC's love story. Demmit, it even gave me lessons about how to approach a girl and stuff.. I learned together with the MC. So if romance is not your thing, and wants more Martial Arts, Weak-to-Stong MC story, then I think this might disappoint you. There is also that, but it doesn't really focuses on that. Its like... 30% Martial Arts, 70% Romance... and just let me tell you this, the Romance here is SO F'King GOOD that it may cause you to have a diabetus. Seriously, it's so sweet, and imo, it's also more realistic than other stories. Also, the story is also in the MC's perspective. A guy's perspective and rarely shows the girls' perspective, not until the later part. Seriously, its a Great read.


Martial Arts Master

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