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I came here for a relax novel but turns out the author doesn't know how to continues the story and brings up competition and pet king war wtf??? The phone told him at the beginning that is just a game and will not force him to do anything dangerous, but 100 chapters later and the phone puts him right into the fire, wtf??? And this Novel would have been better if it was placed in any other country because as far as I know the Chinese people are using the dogs to eat... and is disturbing when you think about it. I believe after the introduction of the pet king war, this novel would just turn like any other novels. My first bad review. Dissapointed.


Pet King

Jie Po

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The thieves cat investigation at the beginning looks forced, the author must have written it fast that part. And it seems the author is gay, and it is quite disturbing when you read the scenes.


I read 1000 chapters and all I can is that it's good, and doesn't have face slapping like I thought It would. So is a good thing. 1 the author is a cat lover and can't hide it. With Vladimir entering the scene, I don't know if all the cats are all elfins because you'll understand if you read it. Lol 2 the author is gay or has gay friends otherwise I can't explain why he has so much knowledge. I don't hate people that are gay but I also don't want to be friends with. This book is not appropriate for people at young age, I for example felt uncomfortable reading it but I tried to overlook it the Richard character. 3 with castrating character I can only say that the author might be female. The other characters are all okk. My favourites characters are the mc, pi, the galaxy, and famous


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