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I Love this novel, only if it could update at least once a week it have the potential to be in the top rankings. The story development is slow but never did i end up dropping it, because the plot, the charcters and the schemes are very very intricate, even the psychology of the charcter. this story isn't really romace(no clichetgings to be seen here, women here are the top dogs). The psychology of the charcter is well balance, no major swings. You can actually ship the characters you like but you will be unable to identify who the lucky chap is. This story revolves around vengance, it has schemes that only woman can come up with, its a story empowered by women, no OP and unending cultivation here, no unexpected powers here, probably the most magical thing here is how the mc revived in anothers body and the coincidence that she happens to be extremely intelligent. I have given up the tought of guessing the outcome of every move in the story. The mc is not being spoilt by the creator and actually gives her, her own failures. The romance here actaully very mellow but very engaging ,giving you a thought of "man no..." , "kiss kiss kiss kiss", "WHAT?!", "i want him but i want him moree", "who cares who she ends up with, i want the left overs", " its him", "no its gonna be him for sure this time", "WHYYYY??" , " NOOOOOO you now you ruined it! I thought you were a nice guy" , "ohhhhhhhh", "butterflies", "you missed some good things", "he's such a douche, no lovelife for you"... sorry i just remmembered sone things. For me this is one of the series i whole heartedly love, although it has romance which i have an allergy on. So far the romance havent trugger my allergies and dropped the series. I love the schemes and her principles. I recommend this series to people who love to actaully read a decent novel not bound by cliche of other mainstream novels, the revived part can be forgiven given it has added a mysterious and unpredictable path for our mc. Please support the translator and the author. Note: please update more, i really loved the schemes heree. ;3


Jun Jiuling

Xi Xing

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