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I know that the translators are busy and that it is not easy to translate a novel but I am truly missing this novel. The story is really unique and I hesitated to read at first but when I did, I was hooked. I hope that there will be new chapters and that this novel will not go on hiatus as I have read 3 novels and I ended up frustrated as their translators stopped updating and has confirmed that they will no longer translate new chapters and one in which the website has been removed. I hope that this will never happen to this novel.


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I hope so too


I know I hope so too >< So if u want this story to continue pls share this link with interested translators --> https://inkstone.webnovel.com/novels/applyposition/info This novel is already completed in the original chinese website of Webnovel :- Qidian So I consulted webnovel help center and this is the reply I got --> Yes, I understand. I saw that there were still a lot of chapters to go and the translated work isn“t even roughly 1/3 of the completed novel. We“ll inform our team of your“s and the community“s continued interest in this novel. If you know someone interested in translating this work, please refer them to the link https://inkstone.webnovel.com/novels/applyposition/info . We“ll continue searching for translators on our end as well. So pls share the link if u find any translators that r interested in translating this novel (≧▽≦)