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I had high expectations of this after reading the author's other excellent works like Law of the Devil and Gate of Revelation, but unfortunately this novel is just no where as good as the other ones. The writing is good up to ~c140 but after that, it seems the author abandons the original "masked knight" premise of the story. The writing gets worse and worse. The story turns into Dragonball-esque super power battles with dudes flying around. Thereafter it becomes clear less thought and attention are been put into the writing and the plot of the story. After the dragon arm incident, there's all sorts of haphazard and awkward arbitary adjustments in power levels that don't make sense. The characters, including the main character, become massive morons. More and more plotholes and inconsistencies crop up. The main character also becomes more dislikable. He becomes more hypocritical, more selfish, and turns into a philandering cheater. His morality basically goes down the drain. As for the translation. The syntax and flow is pretty decent, but unfortunately the translator has a terrible naming sense. Some of the terms used is just downright cringeworthy. I really wanted to like this novel. But, after reading it, it's a real disappointment. I think it'd be better to just skip this and chk out the author's much better written novels like Law of the Devil and Gate of Revelation instead.


Masked Knight


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