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I quite enjoyed this novel. MC actually gets believable character development. He is shaped by his experiences and changes from a weak, wimpy kid into a competent badass. Not only does his strength improve, so does his mentality and personality. Although some developments were a bit fast and forced, most of it is enjoyable to read and believable. Unlike MCs from xianxia novels, who overshadow all other characters, Rody from Masked Knight is not so much of a "blazing sun" character. He's unwittingly dragged into a huge turmoil and forced to impersonate a duke. Rody is fairly weak early on, but does gradually become strong. The plot is quite interesting however it does leave an unpleasant aftertaste since everything he accomplishes so far is in someone else's identity. Especially regarding romance: A couple of the love interests that Rody meets are Seth's (the original duke) women. In particular he has quite a romantic and touching scene with Jojo, but that's only because she thinks he's Seth. Also Myka (Seth's original lover) is another one of his love interests. Apart from the romance department, which I personally found strangely unpleasant (he makes out with the Duke's sister, while wearing her brother's face. Like wtf, this is how you get incest-NTRed), the rest of the novel is a very nice read.


Masked Knight


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