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This novel is a really good read, and just like what the other reviews said about the quality of this novel, (which includes the character, story and world development) is good relatively compared to some other novels I've read. However, the reason I gave it 3 stars is the fact that in the middle of the the released chapters the novel quality deteriorates. Some things that I find unpleasant to the story is that the author did not bother changing some names of the characters and events, while that is fine in some situations in this case it comes off as being lazy in the author's side. Another thing is that the author categorizes religions here in the extremes as if nothing really good comes out of it. But if that's true then the churches should've been abolished by internal strife and through people's revolts long ago. Some could say that it is an attempt to portray medieval times where religion is prevalent, however it feels more like it is heavily influenced by the author's desires and biases. Lastly, the MC is inconsistent with his beliefs that I find disappointing since I had high hopes for him. I hope this helps people who read reviews carefully and decide for themselves if they want to read it or not.


Masked Knight


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