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I had high expectations for this one, but unfortunately the book isn't for me. I was so excited that I read the mtl, the story is really slow with less than 200 chapters, I felt like I read a book of 2000 chapter in one sitting. The male lead is sickly person who gets bruised even if someone holds his hand a little tightly, and the female lead is a tomboy. The story went well for about 50 chapters and then started to drag. After they start dating the female lead doesn't really like him that much and just plays along with him and is your usual dead brain female lead. The guy is so clingy to the point that I skipped about 10 chapters in a row I kind of feel like even though the male lead being insecure was reasonable to his backstory but the author overdid it. It had great potential but ig now I know why it wasn't chosen the last time it was put up for trail read.


I Became the Male Lead’s Guardian After Crossdressing


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can u give us mtl title pls