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10 chapters in, and I'm already hooked. Writing quality: The writing quality of the author si topnotch, with cleverly constructed sentences that are easy to read and visualize. Very professional. Stability of updates: The author is consistent with her updates, so I believe that it deserves 5 stars. Story Development: I believe this book is to be savored slowly, rather than to be taken in a fast-paced manner. Which is not a bad thing, since it enables the reader to get to know and connect with the characters and the story more. Character Design: Let me just say one thing--I absolutely love how the characters are constructed; grim reaper Amon with a cow head mask, and Lilith with heterochromia and speaks in third person. I applaud MysticAmy for doing a great job here. The distinctive features of the characters made them stand out from those of other novels, which just means to say that the author definitely took her time and effort in creating these intricate details. Overall, 10/10 must read. PS. let me just say that the novel kinda reminded me of the K-Drama "Goblin," esp. when Amon was getting the dying soul of the mother. Except here, he's so flustered LMAO can't deny I laughed when he said "Damn me..." T-T And please keep the "Almond" nickname for Amon. That was so witty, haha!


Death's Lover


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