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Like always, this author is really good at writing characters, building up worlds, and pretty much every other aspect a good writer has…. But… They tend to drop every single book they write randomly and never pick them up again. Instead, a year after they’ll come back and write another book, never to touch previous series again. As such, I can’t get into any series because I don’t know when they’ll disappear again. If the author proves me wrong with this, their books are an easy 5 stars. Especially if you’re a fan of yuri. Author after writing a story full of loveable characters and amazing world building:


The Villainess’ Stepsister


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I don't disagree with you here in terms of my record. MGV will return in a more or less limited update rate soon enough but I must stress that as I have grown older and a little more mature I have grown to dislike the way I paced most of my older novels. This along with other factors have kept me from returning for so long. There are many revisions I'd like to make but it sometimes feels overwhelming. It's like looking at a sketch a year later and realising you have horribly messed up the eyes.