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25 chapter review. Honestly, much better than I expected. The mc transmigrated or reincarnated as a summoned beast and a random little girl named Vivian is his summoner. I like to say that he transmigrated in a virtual game similar to The Legendary Mechanic. The mc himself is a BOSS-rated monster so he is quite strong with high potential. The mc doesn't have a status panel but his summoner aka random NPC villager girl, Vivian does. As a NPC she can't see her status panel but MC can and he also can operate it. So, basically he can control the development of his summoner and himself through Vivian's panel. Translation Quality: 5* (It isn't MTL but you might see some weird words that looks like mistranslation but probably isn't. The translator didn't give context so it's lost translation instead. Meaning lost in translation) SoU: 5* (It's trial read) Story Development: 5* (Honestly, read it yourself, it has 25 chapters as I am writing this review) Character Design: 4* (Only Vivian has some unique personality, the rest of the characters are quite basic designs) World Background: 5* (Basically The Legendary Mechanic. But for those who don't know. It's basically a 100% realistic virtual world where the mc is transmigrated as a summoned beast of a NPC, due that he is a NPC he doesn't have a level limit and can become very strong. Because it's a game there will be major events leading to many changes in the world where the mc will take advantage of due his future knowledge of the game) Overall score: 4.8 Personal score: 4.5


I Help A NPC Become The Legendary Witch

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