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Have read till Chapter 4. So review is based accordingly Writing Quality - 3/5 - Pretty good writing from grammar POV but it is more akin to a commentary than a story. Story Development - 3/5 - Mostly follows canon with Haki and Zabuza remaining alive. Don't know how Sasuke still got cursed seal even when MC is supposed to be a super kage? ninja. Character Design - 3/5 - As it is more similar to commentary, not much time is given to develop individual characters. Zabuza was able to give his canon dialogue, Haku was able to give her canon dialogue but nothing original happened. The interaction between characters is minimal and sort of bland. Updating Stability - 5/5 - Not sure about this, if stable update is going to happen or not. πŸ˜‘ World Background - 5/5 - Well it is Narutoverse and an AU Narutoverse mix. It has great potential to be honest and just needs an auxiliary chapter explaining the AU Narutoverse. Like, in AU 1) Obito was Alive and was tardy while Kakashi remained punctual. 2) How Hinata had a more assertive personality and ino and sakura were more kunoichi like. 3) Naruto had a cousin and a sister and his jinchuriki status was hidden on Jiraiya and Tsunade's insistence 4) Tsunade was happily married and had 2 children 5) Jiraiya became Hokage and Orochimaru never left Akatsuki. 6) Yuki clan was still alive and Kagura was not controlled. Kirigakure was not known as 'Bloody Mist'. Conclusion - 3.8/5.0 - Well it is decent for a quick read but lacks the immersion quality, i.e., one cannot place oneself in MC's place to understand the story. Will read further and change review accordingly if time permits.


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