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It's a very slow pace story. The characters and MC IQ is walnut-sized, letting people attack them leave easily. Also, the most annoying character Liao Bufan exposes all the information that is supposed to be secret and acts scared and stupid all the time. He lakes common sense making stupid people seem intelligent compared to him.


Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

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I have one question: How far have you read?SPOILERI ask this because you probably mean the group of robbers who attacked the woman who went out to trade food with others. When she traded with them and got robbed was the MC away and dealing with the prison zombies so he didn't know it at first and when he returned they hadn't obtained the position of the attackers yet. Later on he used his own zombies to search and counterattack them in the night as revenge but didn't kill them because he isn't a murder freak plus he didn't have great hostility with the attacker and if I'm not wrong another reason was that it slowly became daytime and they wouldn't get the "Fear of darkness" debuff anymore and would have gotten the ability to defeat his zombies. He later on still kills them when they attack him in the prison again.To Liao Bufan that guy gets better over time and isn't that much of a coward and idiot anymore.


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