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Just started reading this for the free pass as it is in daily recomendation, 10chapters so far but i don't think i will continue reading this with coins, maybe i will read it when it's on the 24hr free reading. The reason is the background story is absurb! Doesn't make any sense at all!! So she rebirth to when she is 17 yo but the timeline is when she was 11? The age 17 is more reasonable for her accomplishment as there is no way she can accomplished all of them if she is only 11! But then all her accomplishment made the story even more absurb! She is a big boss is stock exchange, have many business and hidden identity, super rich but willing to be sold by her parents over and over again?? And she think it can help her parents and gain their love? Ridicilous! Just throw them all her richness amd their parents will love her for what she have and won't sell her coz obviously she has more money then the buyer! Or if she doesn't want to show herself she can ask her underlings to be the pretend buyer. As for the after rebirth storyline is typical with other rebirth-revenge story. Nothing special


Rebirth of The Female Devil


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Hello. Sorry that you found the background of the novel not so nice so let me explain things to you that I did not make clear in the novel. Wu Mei is a child who is exceptionally intelligent book wise but she isn't smart street wise and for the fact that she wanted her parents to love her made her do whatever she asked them to do. The more she gets sold, the more she loses her will and properties since she can't escape or do any other thing. She would have told someone to help her family as she said but Wu Mei was a naive little girl, and that is the essence of her past. She was naive, stupid, and unsuspecting.