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Read a few chapters and honestly, I got annoyed quick. Everything was fine until the three women came to the village, I just find it unrealistic for 3 golden core plus cultivators not to notice a mortal. Also, the master of the other two girls saying those things was an instant turn off, cuz mc is 14 and she's 40+, that's just wrong. Everything else was alright tho


The Art of Cultivation


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Thank you for your honest review! I do agree with you that his age at that moment is improper for her to have those thoughts, but it's how her character is (a pervert) and she doesn't act on her thoughts although she will tease him a lot. For the part that three golden core realm cultivators didn't notice a mortal standing behind them, that's even though it's unrealistic, meant as comedy (hence the comedy tag). But in your case, I as an author apparently failed to properly convey it as such, and instead of entertain you seem to have annoyed you instead. Cheers :)