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This story is unexpectedly exceptional and addicting. The plot is well thought out, the pace of the story is decent, not too fast and neither too slow. The author gradually exposed to reader more of the plot and background world, making me speculate yet expectant. The characters are also interesting. MC is smart, calm and cunning. But to me, the most charming point of MC is actually his adaptability, he won't cross the line if you are not enemies or betrayers and his moral can be bent and shaped, he would kill if he must and isn't reluctant but if it is unnecessary, he won't. Meanwhile, ML is actually a confusing character for me, but that's what makes him mysterious, I guess. He is loyal and loving towards his lover, but he is inherently insecure. He is a powerful and knowledgeable, yet his action is both idiotic and charming. Yet, their personality is actually what makes them compatible and they are complete with each other. Author, keep up the good work! <3


Deathless humanity (Bl Qt)


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