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This is the second work I've read by this author, and I have to say that I'm even more impressed than I was with their last one! Obviously, they have grown a lot as a writer and probably spent a lot of time on this. The updates happened so quickly I'm pretty sure that this author wrote the whole thing beforehand, edited, and finally copied it all onto Webnovel. This novella is an emotional tale of the friendship between two boys, and there are also several important side characters. If you're looking for a long, long read (which I wasn't!) then this is STILL for you, even if it's short! It's a gripping story. Keep in mind that this story is a REALISTIC FICTION, which means that you can't expect it to move along as rapidly as adventure books, etc. Characters in these sorts of books need time to develop. They're delicate! In conclusion, I loved this book. What I was rooting for for the whole book didn't happen in the end, but I ended up loving the ending even more! But I don't want to say too much...I guess you'll have to read it yourself!


To Catch a Falling Star


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Thank you so much! Your review is much appreciated.